Wednesday, February 24, 2010

oooooh canada we stand on guard for thee!

I always forget how much I love the Winter Olympics until they start. I've become obsessed. I will watch any sport they decide to show. My favorite (of course) is the hockey, but speed skating, snowboarding, skiing of all types, and even figure skating and curling have all made it onto my watch list.

And because I am a girl with a serious weakness for athletes, I have also found some new Olympic loves.

1) Alexandre Bilodeau, the first Canadian to win a medal this year:

Yes, I think the French Canadian accent is cute. Don't judge.

2) JR Celski, the adorable pint-sized speed skater who nearly sliced his leg off with his own skate last September:

3) Zach Parise, NJ Devils (boo) player unfortunately, but a bit of a hottie:

Also the hero of today's quarterfinal game against Switzerland. I couldn't watch because I was in class taking a test, but he scored both goals.

4) Aksel Svindal, 6'5" Norwegian alpine skier:

5) Evan Lysacek, although this is mainly for Vanilla Bear's sake because he looks a bit like Gonzalo Higuain:

And this last one isn't an Olympian, but I stumbled across him when I was googling goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. Ladies, I present to you Swedish model Alex Lundqvist:

I have a feeling Stephanie and Callie might agree with me on this one.


Vanilla Bear said...

Evaaan! Yes, he does resemble Gonzo sometimes and that's always a good thing for a man to do. Resemble the Sex God himself and I will fall at your feet hehe

Jenn said...

That picture of Evan never fails to make me laugh xD

AWWWW J.R.! I have the biggest crush on him lol he's adorable.

mallymoodle said...